2024-2025 Catalog and Handbook 
    May 20, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog and Handbook


Mountain Empire Community College has partnered with Parchment.com to deliver secure electronic or paper transcripts to you. To request a transcript, visit www.mecc.edu/transcript to either create a new account or sign in through Parchment.com. All electronic delivery requests will have a $7.50 electronic processing fee through Parchment.com. To send your transcript via USPS, an additional $2.50 fee will apply. Transcript mail requests can be expedited through FedEx for an additional fee, depending on mailing cost.

Official transcripts are generally processed within 3 business days of receipt. During peak times such as beginning and end of term, processing time will likely be extended. The status of your transcript request can be tracked through your Parchment account.

Graduation diplomas shall not be issued, nor shall a student be permitted to register until all accounts due the college have been paid in full.  However, an exception may be granted if a student’s debts to the college have been discharged in bankruptcy.  The withholding of a student’s transcript by the college for failure to pay an outstanding debt is not allowed. Requests for transcripts via phone are not accepted.

Requests for unofficial student grade reports will be honored at any time during regular office hours. Unofficial transcripts will be faxed directly to offices of other educational institutions, employers, and the military. Incomplete transcripts will not be released. Sufficient time must be allowed for the posting of grades and computing of averages at the end of each semester.

The College observes Public Law 93-380 in providing for the privacy of official student records and the rights of students to review these records. Students may review their official records by making a request to the Office of Enrollment Services. The College will not release any personally identifiable information other than directory information about any student without the student’s written permission, except to certain school and governmental officials as provided by the law. Requests by individuals and agencies for release of student information must be presented in writing. The student’s permission for the College to release any information must also be in writing. Students may grant permission by completing the Permission to Release Education Record Information form, located in the Office of Enrollment Services, Fox Central, Holton Hall.