2024-2025 Catalog and Handbook 
    May 20, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog and Handbook

General Information

Books and Materials

Students are expected to obtain their own books, supplies, and consumable materials needed in their studies. The cost varies according to the number of credit hours taken and courses the student is enrolled in. Students are urged to check exact book titles and authors required in each course before purchasing books. The College Bookstore has very specific guidelines about returning books for a refund. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these guidelines before making any purchases.

College Committees

The College has standing committees composed of members of the College community. These committees advise the Vice-President and/or the President on important matters. Student representatives are appointed to all standing committees with the exception of the Student Affairs Committee and Professional Development Committee. For information regarding College committee appointments, please contact the Dean of Student Services at 276.523.9107. 

Developmental Studies

Mountain Empire Community College offers unique courses to enable students to make a successful transition into college curricula. These courses offer a complete practical review of high school reading, grammar, composition and math skills, specifically preparing students for college-level work. The courses use a lecture/lab format. Regular classroom instruction may be supplemented with individualized assignments. Computer-assisted instruction is used whenever appropriate.

Food Service

The Red Fox Grill food service is located in Holton Hall. Vending machines are located throughout the campus.

Intellectual Property

MECC abides by the VCCS policy regarding intellectual property, found in Section 12 of the VCCS Policy Manual. Pursuant to Section 12.0.4 responsibility for administration of this policy is vested in the Chancellor. The President of MECC is responsible for administration of this policy at the College. The policy administrator shall be assisted by an appropriate College committee in implementing the provisions of this policy. The College President shall designate the committee when claims or disputes arise.

Photographic Release

There will be occasions throughout the year when students are photographed or videotaped for purposes such as news releases, publications, and other marketing media. Students may be asked to sign a photographic release allowing use of their photos for the above purposes.

Red Fox TV

TV monitors are located throughout the campus. Our Red Fox TV provides information on College activities.

Social Media

MECC hosts several social media sites that provide notices of student events, deadlines, and pertinent academic information. Like MECC on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mountainempirecollege. Follow MECC on Twitter @meccedu. Follow MECC on Instagram @MECCedu. Student activities, tutoring, MECC bookstore, as well as some instructional courses also utilize social media sites to provide student information.