2024-2025 Catalog and Handbook 
    Jul 15, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog and Handbook


The Bookstore is located in Room #119 in Holton Hall. Normal hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.  Hours of operation may be extended during peak times.  Students are urged to check the requirements for each course with the instructor to be sure that proper materials are purchased.  Visit http://bookstore.mecc.edu for more information.

Bookstore Refund/Exchange Policy

Refunds/exchanges will be made during the add/drop period of the semester under the following conditions: (These conditions apply to cash, check, or credit card payments as well as financial aid or third-party

  • Proof of purchase is available in the form of the original cash register receipt or record of charge to a third party that specifically identifies the item purchased.  Credit card receipts or canceled checks do not constitute proof of purchase because they do not identify the item purchased.
  • Books sold wrapped in plastic and displaying the “No Return If Unwrapped” label must still be in the original wrap to receive a full refund.
  • New books must be in new condition- free of markings, stains, or damage to binding.
  • New books that are unwrapped, damaged, or marked may receive a partial refund equal to the used book price if the book will be used in subsequent semesters and can be resold as a used book.
  • Full refunds/exchanges will be made for books returned due to classes canceled by the College if returned within five days of the class cancellation.  This condition is especially important to students who charge textbooks to financial aid awards.  Class cancellation may result in reduction of a student’s total financial aid award.  When a reduction in the total award occurs, the excess amount of charges over the adjusted total award becomes an over-award for which the student will become personally liable.

Full refunds/exchanges will be made in cases of College error including: inappropriate class placement, change to another class due to test results, and other situations on a case-by-case basis.

Full refunds will be made for merchandise other than textbooks within five (5) business days of the purchase accompanied by the original cash register receipt.  Merchandise must be returned in “new” condition with all tags and packaging.

No refund will be made for special order items, review books, study guides, general interest books, or software.


Refunds are issued according to tender type used for the original purchase.  Financial aid and third party refunds are credited back to the account charged.  refunds for cash or check purchases are issued by check only and are mailed to the student’s home address within 14 days of return.  No cash refund will be given. The student’s signature and address are required for all refunds.  The signature of other College officials is required in cases of College error.  Bookstore staff will provide the necessary forms and instructions.


Students may appeal the requirements of this policy by contacting the Business Manager located in G142.  If the student is not satisfied with the decision of the Business Manager, the second step in the appeal process is the Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services located in G137.  If the student is still not satisfied, the third and final step in the process is with the President located in Dalton-Cantrell Hall.