2024-2025 Catalog and Handbook 
    May 20, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog and Handbook

Substance Abuse Policy

The following student Substance Abuse Policy has been approved by the Virginia State Board for Community Colleges and adopted by Mountain Empire Community College:

Students attending a Virginia community college shall not possess, sell, use, manufacture, give away or otherwise distribute illegal substances, including drugs or alcohol while on campus, attending a College sponsored off campus event, or while serving as a representative of the College at off campus meetings. Students who violate this policy shall have College charges processed against them in the normal manner of due process provided by College rules. Further, students who violate this policy shall have committed a criminal offense, and the College shall notify the appropriate agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, county or city government for investigation and, if warranted, prosecution.


MECC will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to enforce statutes regarding illegal substances, including alcoholic beverages. The College shall ensure that all security personnel employed have special training in dealing with illegal substance (including alcohol) abuse and detection. In addition to criminal penalties, violation of school policies may result in disciplinary action by the College, including suspension or dismissal. Disciplinary action will follow the established procedures as outlined inthe Student Handbook. These procedural standards are designed as safeguards to protect the student and ensure due process.

Education and Prevention

MECC is committed to helping individuals understand the impact of substance abuse. The College’s program of education and prevention is designed to inform and help individuals make responsible decisions concerning the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Our program of education and prevention consists of the following:

  • Inclusion of information on substance use and abuse in the MECC Student Wellness Program of Activities;
  • Inclusion of information on drug use, abuse and prevention as part of the College curriculum (HLT 110);
  • Seminars and workshops are available through the Office of Student Services designed to promote a realistic understanding of individual societal concerns relative to substance abuse; and
  • Books, pamphlets, and audio visual aids available in the College library.

The College makes every effort to ensure that students recognize the health risks associated with the use of drugs and alcohol. Emphasis shall be placed on the impairment of one’s ability to make sound judgments; and the physiological damage to the human body.

The impact that substance abuse has on the development of one’s potential is stressed. The College supports and sponsors activities and events that provide and demonstrate alternatives to the use of chemical substances.


The Office of Student Services maintains a referral list of community agencies that help with counseling and treatment.