2023-2024 Catalog and Handbook 
    Feb 28, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog and Handbook


All students are required to obtain an MECC parking permit. Parking permits may be obtained by visiting the Bookstore in Holton Hall. There is no charge for parking permits. Students must complete a vehicle registration form that includes listing the vehicle make, model year, and license tag number for each vehicle they expect to drive. One parking permit is issued to each student for use in all vehicles listed.

Students who require special parking permits due to a temporary disability should contact the Office of Student Services in Holton Hall. All requests will be reviewed by the Dean of Student Services or designee for approval. Special parking permits are intended to be used for short durations and are not intended to take the place of handicapped permits issued by the DMV. If approved, a student will receive a special parking permit for a specified period of time, which authorizes the use of special parking areas designated by Campus Police. Special parking permits issued from the Office of Student Services must be displayed on the lower right corner of the front windshield while the vehicle is parked on the campus. Parking areas for students, faculty and staff, visitors, and persons with disabilities are clearly designated. Parking in unauthorized spaces may result in a parking violation fine. Fines may include:

  • $3.00 for each ticket received for the following violations:
  • Improperly parked
  • Parked in no-parking zone
  • No MECC parking permit
  • Parked in Faculty lot
  • Parked on road
  • Parked in Small Business Only
  • Parked in Employee of the Year space
  • Parked in State Vehicle Only space
  • $10.00 for each ticket received for parking in visitor’s space
  • $25.00 for each ticket received for parking in handicapped space
  • Vehicles parked in a fire zone will be towed away at owner’s expense.

All posted traffic regulations and speed limits must be observed. Excessive speeds and reckless driving habits must be avoided. White lines indicate boundaries of parking spaces. Do not straddle or park on these lines.

Students driving unregistered vehicles on a temporary basis (maximum of one week) may park in the student parking lot and register with the Business Office daily.

No overnight parking is permissible unless authorized by the Chief of Police.